Quick Configuration

cp /opt/go/src/github.com/FreifunkBremen/yanic/config_example.toml /etc/yanic.conf

Quick configuration

For an easy startup you only need to edit the [[respondd.interfaces]] in section [respondd] in file /etc/yanic.conf.

Then create the following files and folders:

adduser --system yanic --home /var/lib/yanic
mkdir -p /var/lib/yanic
mkdir -p /var/www/html/meshviewer/data
touch /var/log/yanic.log
chown yanic /var/log/yanic.log /var/lib/yanic /var/www/html/meshviewer/data


If you like to run a standalone meshviewer, just set enable in section [webserver] to true.

Configure the meshviewer:

set dataPath in config.json to /data/ and make the build directory accessible under /var/www/html/meshviewer.

With webserver (Apache, nginx)

The meshviewer needs the output files like nodes_path and graph_path inside the same directory as the dataPath. Change the path in the section [meshviewer] accordingly.

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